Household Tricks For Preventing Hay Fever

If you are suffering from persistent hay fever allergies, you may look to the outdoors for the sources of your grief. However, there may be other causes for your hay fever that are inside your home. While the plants that cause hay fever are usually not growing in your home, there are things you can do with your home that would contribute to hay fever allergy symptoms.

Shampoo When Coming Inside

Make sure to shampoo your hair more regularly. You will be bringing pollen back with you every night as it attaches to your hair. However, shampooing your hair will remove the pollen and will reduce your hay fever indoors. Wash your hair as soon as you come indoors for the evening. 

Depollinate Your Bed

Since your body will often have pollen, your bed sheets may be coated with the yellow allergen. If you do not change your sheets frequently and spend the night surrounded by pollen, you will wake up feeling very rough and you may not sleep at all with all the coughing and sneezing. Wash your sheets in hot rather than cold water in order to kill dust mites. Also, place a bedspread on your bed and remove it at night. This will prevent pollen from accumulating on your bed.

Don't Hang Linen And Clothes Out To Dry

Do not hang your clothing or linen outside to dry where there is a lot of pollen. This will cause your own clothes to trigger your allergy symptoms. Instead, dry your clothes in a dryer.

Use Air Filters

Always use air filters with your air conditioning and heating systems. These will catch much of the pollen so it can then be disposed of when you clean or replace your air filters. Consider using disposable air filters because you will not risk releasing pollen into your home, which is a risk when cleaning reusable filters.

Keep Doors And Windows Shut

Make sure to keep doors and windows shut when pollen counts are high. Fortunately, local news stations will often report on pollen counts for the day.

Clean And Declutter Your Home

Keep your home clean and declutter it. Use a vacuum cleaner with a good filter to remove pollen that has accumulated in your carpet. Replace old carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and wall coverings because these are locations where pollen can often accumulate. Each of these lifestyle decisions can be highly effective, but you may also need to see a specialist like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC if hay fever symptoms persist.